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And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul Hobnail Tom Trail
Hobnail Tom Trail (32) (named after 'Hobnail' Tom Edwards) is a long trail into the Scapegoat Wilderness eventually turning northwest just south of the continental divide. It follows the North Fork of the Blackfoot towards its headwaters, then crosses and follows Dobrota Creek just south of the continental divide.

Trail Begins: In Powell County at the North Fork Blackfoot Trailhead at the end of road 5550.
Trail Ends: In Lewis and Clark County at the Cabin Creek Trail, (junction with Trail 80)
Directions: Take Hwy 200 6-miles east of Ovando to junction of North Fork of the Blackfoot Road 5550. Follow signs and Road 5550 to the trailhead. Non-motorized access.

Length: 21-30 miles
Local Maps: Lolo Nat'l Forest Seeley Lake Ranger District
                      (East Half)

USGS Map1: Coopers Lake
USGS Map2: Lake Mountain
USGS Map3: Olson Peak
Township 16N; Range 11W; Section 22

Hobnail Tom Trail (32) begins at the North Fork Trailhead which is located in the upper mid-section of the map to the right

Click on maps to ENLARGE
In the map below, the Hobnail Tom Trail (32) can be seen just below the word "SCAPEGOAT" runnning southeast to northwest where it joins the Cabin Creek Trail (80).

Map of the North Fork trailhead section the Hobnail Tom Trail (32) in Montana's Powell County

Map of the last section the Hobnail Tom Trail (32) in Montana's Scapegoat Wilderness

Trail 32 at the North Fork Cabin Pack Bridge (click to enlarge)

  Two Trees by Janet Miles - Aportion of your soul has been entwined with mine. A gentle kind of togetherness.
Two Trees by Janet Miles (click to enlarge)